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Are you looking for a plasterer in Perth, WA

Acoustic Plastering is the premier company to help with any residential and commercial plastering needs. We specialize in both interior, exterior and damp proof coatings as well as decorative work. All of our services come at an affordable price!

Our Plastering Services

Acoustic Plasterboard Perth, WA

Acoustic plasterboard installation is not an easy task. The best way to install acoustic plasterboard is by using a mortar bed that provides the correct insulation, and makes it easier for sound waves to pass through.

Acoustic plasters are very important when you want your room as acoustically-friendly as possible, so if they’re installed incorrectly then this can have huge consequences on how well noise travels around in there which could be detrimental if trying out something like recording or even just speaking with someone else without shouting across the table!

Ceiling Repairs Perth, WA

Ceiling Repair Cairns professionals are skilled in all aspects of ceiling repair. They use quality materials to ensure a strong and long-lasting job. Contact them today!

Ceiling Roses Perth, WA

Ceilings are one of the most overlooked areas in a home because we don’t spend much time looking at them. They can suffer water damage, wear away from heating vents being used constantly and cracks during earthquakes due to structural movement – so you really want any problems with it taken care of as soon as possible! If there is anything wrong with your ceiling then call Plaster Perth Pros today- our team will be able to fix it up for you quickly thanks to their expertise.

Commercial Plastering Perth, WA

Plaster Perth Pros is the professional choice for commercial properties in need of plaster work. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our commitment to quality and excellence every time we are hired, so your other projects can continue without any difficulties on your end.

Feature Walls Perth, WA

Feature walls make your home more inviting, more comfy and feel like a home. Plaster Perth Pros can help you create the perfect place for your family to relax with their expert plastering services.

Fire Rated Plasterboard Perth, WA

Everybody knows that the fire alarm is a must-have in any home, but many people are not aware of how easy and inexpensive this protection actually is! Protecting your house from disaster doesn’t have to break the bank: installing some fire rated materials beforehand will make sure you’re prepared for anything nature throws at you. Whether it’s an earthquake or just cold weather outside, with these precautions taken care of ahead of time all those important memories would be safe inside even if there was a blaze going on elsewhere.

Insulated Ceiling Perth, WA

Insulated ceilings are an important way to keep your home warm during the winter. By trapping air, they prevent heat from escaping out of windows and doors and make it feel cold inside even though there is plenty of warmth outside! In addition, insulated ceilings also help reduce summer temperatures because trapped hot air cannot escape into the hotter atmosphere above us. Plasterer Cairns Guys provide reliable insulation service that will ensure you never feel too hot or cold throughout any of the four seasons.

Insurance Work Perth, WA

It’s important to have an idea about what can potentially damage one’s property before it happens – which is where landlord liability insurance comes into play! This type of policy protects against many different types of natural disasters such as theft, storm damages and more.

If you are concerned about keeping your home and its contents safe, that’s why we have insurance work. They will take care of any damages caused by a fire or storm with their services.

Metal and stud Framing Perth, WA

Metal framing can be a versatile building material, with its interior cavities typically filled in metal sheets. But over time moisture will seep through these materials and onto the wall surfaces or ceiling panels that they form-leading to mold infestations! This is where Plaster Perth Pros come into play; by removing those pesky problems before they happen so you don’t have to waste precious resources on repair work again.

New Homes Perth, WA

You’ll find that we offer a wide range of services, including exterior and interior plastering. Whether it’s small jobs like skim coating or ceilings, or larger projects such as rendering; our qualified professionals are ready to help! New building? No worries – We have experience in everything from plastering the outside of your new apartment to catering for high-rise office blocks.

Ornate Cornice Perth, WA

Ornate cornices are a beautiful addition to any home, but they have fallen out of favor in recent years due to their cost. Ornately-carved brown plaster that covers the uppermost part of your wall can be an expensive installation; however there is hope for those who wish it! There are some plasterers Perth specializing in this type of information and you should definitely take advantage if you’re looking for something exquisite! Some advantages include: They offer an elegant look as well as protection against water damage from storms, floods, etc., which come up unexpectedly these days.

Plaster Repairs Perth, WA

Plaster repair is a delicate process that requires care and skill. It is usually necessary because of damage or leaks from plumbing, etc., moisture problems such as condensation in the walls, or because of cracks in the plaster finish due to settling over time. Plaster Perth Pros is here for your plaster repairs.

Pressed Metal Ceiling Perth, WA

Pressed metal ceilings are something that you can easily find today, and they come in a variety of colors. These days it is easier than ever to get what you want as far as the look of your ceiling goes because there are so many choices available. In this article we will discuss pressed metal ceilings Perth Pros offers for customers throughout the region.

Suspended Ceiling Perth, WA

We offer both suspended ceilings and acoustic panels. Suspended ceiling is great for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it’s easy to install and doesn’t require any type of plastering or painting. On top of that, it looks clean because you don’t have all those gaps from where wires would run through like in an acoustic panel.

A suspended ceiling is a great choice for those looking to remodel their homes, because it saves them time and money. There is no painting or plastering involved in installing one of these ceilings, which means that you can save quite a bit on labor costs right off the bat. Our services come with installation included at no additional charge as well.

Venetian Plastering Perth, WA

Venetian plastering is a time-consuming process with many steps to make sure that the end result looks beautiful. The first step of Venetian Plaster involves brushing it onto an area and smoothing out any bubbles before starting again, this must be done carefully as you’ll have to work your way up in thin layers! If all air pockets are removed from each layer’s surface, then the next sheet can go on top without damaging anything below; but if there is just one little bubble left behind when you put another sheet down it will show through since everything else has been completed making for a less than perfect finish!

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